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Our customers remain our top priority, for air freight requirements please contact,
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We have enjoyed working with you, and thank you for being an iTN customer.
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The iTN Leader, Who We Are


There are two parts that make up a leader at iTN Worldwide. 

The first component is personality. Personality is who you are as an individual and represents the unique characteristics that are brought to iTN. 

The second component to a leader at iTN is competencies. Competencies represent the knowledge, skills and abilities that a leader at iTN must possess in order to be successful.  Competencies can be taught because they are behaviors. 

Both, personality and behaviors are important aspects of leadership. This is especially important because we believe that our leadership and our people are truly the strength of our organization.

Common iTN personality traits

High self confidence


Comfortable with Change




High energy


Interested in travel and other cultures

Sense of humor




Plays well with others

Personal integrity is also another trait we focus on when creating our team. Personal integrity promotes fairness, transparency and accountability that enables business to be conducted consistently throughout the organization. It also keeps own personal ambitions and reactions from interfering with company goals. Leadership also ensures they are treating others with respect and display integrity through their actions.

When deciding to conduct business in the logistics sector we know you’ll be in great hands trusting our experts. Contact us now for more information itnpricing@itnworldwide.com.

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