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#TeamTuesdays: Meet Our Trinidad Operation’s Executive Angelique Sitahal

Angelique Sitahal is our traffic coordinator lead at our Trinidad offices.


iTN Worldwide is an international global exporter at its core. We have partners from all parts of the world, but did you know we also have an office in Trinidad? Our Port of Spain team leads our Caribbean export efforts for all of the islands.

With weekly flights and sailings, we’re able to compete and provide service to our Caribbean communities.

We couldn’t do this without our lead export coordinator and esteemed colleague Angelique Sitahal who has been with iTN for almost ten years.

Sitahal loves her career almost as much as she loves her native Trinidad and mixing both work and island living she said has made for a great work-life balance.

“I was born in St. Clair, Trinidad & Tobago. I am a typical Trini island girl. I spent my childhood and teen years in East Trinidad, before moving to the North West. I’m always proud to say ‘I live where you vacation.’ Our rich, diverse culture, music, festivals, food and not to mention amazing landscapes make my little island paradise a dream,” Sitahal said. “I think my favourite part of living in Trinidad would have to be the sense of freedom here and the unity of our people. It’s inspirational to have all these differences in race, religion, and culture, coming together to make one unique melting pot that makes us who we are. The beach is my favorite and in particular Las Cuevas beach in Trinidad or Mount Irvine if I’m visiting our sister the Isle of Tobago. The beach brings me peace, a cleansing of the soul almost. It revives, rejuvenates and recharges me.”

Sitahal has been in the business since 2000 and has experience in various facets of the industry. She said her people personality has allowed her to excel in her career.

“My journey in logistics was unplanned. It began about 18 years ago when I took the position of a customer service representative for a company who at the time were the agents for CMA-CGM here in Trinidad. I love people interaction, and my role allowed me to do just that. It took some coaxing by my manager at the time for me to take a promotion in the import documentation department, but I got my feet wet so to say, and the rest was history,” Sitahal said. “From imports, I then transitioned into exports, learning the business as I went along and finally into marketing. Five years later I began working for an IT company broadening my horizons by being on the other end of the logistics supply chain, ordering and coordinating shipments and clearance. Then in December 2010, I joined the iTN family as a traffic coordinator.”

While at iTN Sitahal said she has developed her time management, problem-solving and critical thinking skills because her role keeps her on her toes. Adding that that the ability to think rapidly under pressure allows her to get through challenges.

“In this business, where everything is time sensitive, the smallest error costs big money or worse, competitors awaiting the opportunity to snatch a customer. I serve some of the most prominent companies in the Caribbean, as well first timers that chose iTN for their first shipping experience,” Sitahal said. “My goal is to give every single customer impeccable service and make them feel like they are the only one- always.”

Sitahal said she’s passionate about her role at the Port of Spain office and genuinely loves her job. The individual interactions blended with daily nuances means there’s always something new for her to do and something new to learn.

“I’m mainly an extension of our export department in Miami from my little desk in Trinidad, and I’m responsible for the complete coordination of full container load exports out of the US & Canada into the Caribbean and the LCL consolidation from our Miami warehouse into Trinidad,” Sitahal said. “It is like a family unit and this makes us so unique, there are not many companies that can boast of this, where employees work together but also play together.”

Along with a blossoming career, Sitahal’s family keeps her in balance and looking forward to the days ahead.

“I’m the proud mommy of two amazing boys. My eldest is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a surgeon, and my younger son is in high school. Like my job, they keep me very busy. When I do have time for myself, I enjoy spending it at the beach, movies, running, and hiking and as we say in Trinidad “liming” or hanging with friends.”

To stay in touch with Angelique, you can email her at asitahal@itnworldwide.com or find out more about our Trinidad office and logistics services email us at itnpricing@itnworldwide.com.

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Written by: Christian Portilla

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