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#TeamTuesdays Meet Our Trinidad Team Sales Lead Samantha Sumesar-Rai


Team Sales Lead Samantha Sumesar-Rai is a professional sales expert with many years in the logistics business.
She hails from our office in Trinidad that consists of a team of dedicated experts to handle global exports to the Caribbean. She started her career when she was in her late teens at a food service company. Sumesar originally came on as an assistant there, but her supervisor noticed that she was keen to do more and offered her the opportunity to move up and take on a logistics coordinator role at the company.

“Not only were the food items interesting to learn about, but the intricacies in the logistics of getting them from all over the world and into Trinidad was never boring,” Sumesar said. “I never thought about doing logistics but decided to continue, and now, 15 years later I still find logistics a vast and exciting industry. There’s never a dull moment, and there’s always something to learn.”

Sumesar said being the team sales lead at the iTN Worldwide Port of Spain local office is a fascinating role for her. Part of her initiative is to further develop iTN Worldwide in Trinidad saying she believes that iTN has the potential to propel into being one of the top international freight forwarders in the country.

“My role is to lead the sales team into being logistics specialists and successfully acquiring, developing and maintaining business opportunities while making iTN Worldwide a preferred provider. I look forward to being an integral part of this process and accomplish goals to help the company grow and to grow with it,” Sumesar said. “The key to being successful in sales in this industry is through perseverance and having an outgoing, confident personality that will shine and also inspire your fellow team members to emulate those qualities.”

“I love the unique iTN culture that represents and encourages these ethics as well as its forward thinking, and I enjoy being part of a vibrant, proactive team that provides support and a nurturing environment for all members. An excellent example for this is our recent training in Miami in which we focused on strategy techniques, enhancing company processes to make them the most efficient and maximizing and harvesting business opportunities through recognizing customer wants and needs as well as our competition’s capabilities and aim to exceed them.”

Before joining iTN Sumesar was an account executive at another international freight forwarding company but longed to work in a company with a variety of services and routing options. Her new role at iTN offered her further confidence that she could provide resources to serve customers in all of their logistics efforts, because of this she was able to close a booking on her first day of work.

“I’m looking forward to many more achievements soon and doing so by applying my experience, expand networking and by seeking out and acting upon business opportunities,” Sumesar said. “My objective is to boost sales and maintain healthy financial results by doing so with a motivated sales team that is successful, committed and dedicated. I’m excited to continue building relationships with the entire team and being part of the iTN family.”

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Written by: Christian Portilla

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