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Project Cargo? We Got Your Back


It could be a turbine generator, offshore oil platform parts or large gas processing plant equipment – no matter what kind of oversize cargo you’re shipping, we can handle it at iTN.

Recently, we were tasked with shipping eight loaded container handlers from the Midwest to Guatemala. From domestic trucking with special equipment to international air and ocean charter service, our expertise in project cargo logistics – and project management – enables us to oversee heavy lift shipments with care, confidence, and precision.

Hilda Negron and Karla Sierra, our ocean experts, were tasked with shipping the eight pieces of project cargo. We asked them to break down the process and tell us how they coordinated the logistics process.

What was the most challenging part of this project?

There are many moving parts and relevant details to consider when handling over-dimensional cargo. First, you need to look at the overall dims and weight to determine the right equipment. In this case, we used an RGN (removable gooseneck) trailer and several flat racks. You must also make sure that all parties involved from the loading facility to the port terminal and vessel operators are clear on how the cargo will be handled and determine everyone’s responsibilities throughout the process. It’s also necessary to understand any special export requirements, such as documents and validations with US Customs. There are always risks in transportation, so we also need to look at the commercial value of the equipment to determine if any adjustments to insurance must be made to increase coverage.

How did you coordinate the shipment? What carrier did you use to transport?

Specialized equipment, such as RGN’s and Flat racks are scarce, so there’s a challenge in equipment availability, especially when there are deadlines to meet for cargo arrival to destination. On this shipment, we also faced issues out of our control, when our sailing with Crowley was delayed due to mechanical problems with the vessel, causing the sailing to be canceled. We sent dispatch orders to the trucker R & K Logistics, which specialize in oversize/ project cargo, and they arranged based on dims and weight what equipment was needed to transport.

Where is the cargo going final destination or where did it come from, and what will this equipment be used for?

These two units were picked up from Louisville, MS, exported out of Gulfport, with final destination port Santo Tomas de Castilla. These are new reach stackers, which are a type of vehicle or large forklift used at ports to transport containers within the terminal and pile them in multiple rows.

Tell me about another challenging commodity you have moved before and how dynamic the team is in moving all types of cargo?

Last month we also exported 17 trucks for this customer, handled as RoRo service (Roll on/Roll off). Our team has extensive knowledge and years in the industry that allow the confidence to handle all types of oversize/overweight shipments, requiring specialized equipment such as flat racks, flatbeds, lowboys, open-top containers, RGN, break-bulk and more. We also provide services such as surveys and export validations. These projects require special attention to detail to ensure the process goes smoothly. Luckily we have a great team with decades of experienced combined so we can consolidate our experience and provide a seamless operation.

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