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Wine & Spirits Logistics

As an experienced wine and spirits logistics provider, we offer a complete range of integrated land, sea and air logistics services for the wine and spirits industry. We will take care of your domestic and international logistics needs for the transportation of wines and spirits, whether in bottles or in bulk. Our global end-to-end coverage includes import and export compliance, with services to and from Asia, Europe, Central America and much more.

As a proud member of the Wine & Spirits Logistics Alliance, a prestigious alliance of like-minded professionals in wine-producing regions of the world, we guarantee that you’ll have knowledgeable, specialized agents managing your precious cargo.

Services We Provide:

  • Temperature-Controlled Service
  • Food Grade Warehousing
  • Bonded Storage Facilities
  • Consolidation Options
  • Insurance Options
  • Track and Trace Capabilities
  • Network of Specialized Agents with Industry Expertise
  • Ground, Ocean and Air Freight Service
  • Flexitanks for Bulk Beverages