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Our customers remain our top priority, for air freight requirements please contact,
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Duty-Free Logistics

For many international travelers, taking advantage of duty-free shopping on luxury and hard-to-find products is a highlight of their journey. That’s where we come in: Our global reach and streamlined supply chain solutions help you serve consumers in every corner of the world.

Our tailored duty-free services include full distribution, transportation through each leg of the supply chain import from overseas vendors, exporting to stores and clients, store returns and consolidation of orders. From wine and spirits to tobacco, electronics and fragrances, we handle it all, whether your inventory is bound for domestic or international distribution.

Services We Provide:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Insurance Provided
  • Consolidation Services
  • On-site Packing & Crating Services
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • International Expedited Services
  • Customs Brokerage