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Transporter shipment via iTN Worldwide


At iTN Worldwide, we pride ourselves on being a dynamic global 3PL provider. A considerable part of what makes us successful in our industry is our team and the relationships we build with our partners.

Recently we received a request to move four vehicle transporters purchased for a factory  Saint- Lin France that needed to be transported to Miami. Our import team quickly jumped on the opportunity, and with the help of our pricing team, we locked in the shipment. We are currently pending to deliver two more units.

The value per unit was about $150,000, and our team determined we would ship two at the time. Tasked with this project was one of our import team members Marlon Pascual who coordinated the shipment from start to finish.

One of the factors that determined how we would move each unit depended on things like the clearance between the ground and the base of the unit, which was about 20” at a horizontal level.  We also chose a RO/RO option for the shipments because of the size of the units.

To give you all a better understanding of how the process works, we asked Marlon to break down how he handled the shipment from start to finish. Here is what he had to say:

What was the most challenging part of this project?

The most challenging part of this project was at the point of arrival. The delivery order was sent to the trucking company, and they balked at the very last second notifying us that they could not handle the load due to the width. We needed to find a trucking company that specializes in oversized cargo to load two units. I was able to find a trucking company that was able to handle and began to coordinate the delivery in accordance with the delivery appointment.

How did you resolve the issue and what carrier did you use to transport?

The carrier used was Kauff’s Transportation System. The problem was solved by calling various trucking companies, and one of them recommended Kauff. I followed up with them and pushed to get them under our approved vendor’s list to get the shipment moving.

Tell me about another challenging commodity you have moved before and how dynamic the team is in moving ALL types of cargo?

We can handle all types of commodities from oversized cargo units to ballpoint pens and everything in between. We use our knowledge gained from many years of import experience to ensure shipments are being imported in compliance with the Customs Border Patrol and thrive for customer satisfaction.

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