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How To Tell if You’re a Top Notch Logistics Manager

Are you a great boss?


A manager is the leader of the pack, heavily influencing the energy of the team. Managers and supervisors are tasked with the responsibility of keeping the team together while letting each person’s strengths shine. Great supervisors motivate, befriend and uplift their team without blurring the lines of respect and friendship at work. We asked our team to recall on their experiences in the business and to describe the traits their favorite leaders here at iTN Worldwide possessed. Here’s what they came up with.

Promote New Ideas

Great bosses are always looking for creative ways of getting the job done. Whether it’s exploring a new lane or testing out a new technology, top logistics supervisors are always exploring the industry. They’re also open to exploring their team’s ideas and discussing what may or may not work without leaving their team feeling defeated. An ambitious supervisor will move with a can-do attitude and respond to team suggestions with a willingness to explore.

Don’t Micromanage

People need the freedom and opportunity to think for themselves at work. Our team says the best bosses don’t micromanage or control every detail of their work. This involves trust from their superior that they can get the job done on their own and still show positive results. Not only does this leave the team feeling respected and confident but also relieves any managers of taking on the extra stress and time of having to go over the work of their employees.

Create Opportunities

A great supervisor creates opportunities for the team to grow even if it means losing a teammate to a promotion. Workers feel more confident in their position when they are praised for their contributions. Most importantly they feel valued by the company when their team leader recognizes their efforts and creates avenues of growth financially and career-wise. An excellent boss doesn’t feel insecure or threatened to see their workers excel and move up in the company, in fact, they encourage it.

Training and Education

Information and education are now more accessible than ever before and employees want to know they are learning and growing at their job. Bosses and companies that promote education to their employees and train often have better worker retention than those that don’t. Education not only allows the team to feel more empowered while they work but they are safer and are less likely to make mistakes that will cost the company money.


A great boss will teach their workers to look at all the details closely and imagine all possible outcomes. Successful workers can come up with imaginative solutions to customers needs and wants before things go array. Being detail driven permits for everyone to see things before they occur preventing delays and costs. It’s a creative way of seeing the whole picture before the whole picture can be seen.

Positive Reinforcement

A simple “good job” or “you’re on the ball” goes a long way. Everyone wants to feel like the work they are doing has results and purpose. There’s nothing like words of affirmation to make someone feel great about their performance, but it also lets them know “the boss” noticed their effort even when they least expect it.

Work and Play Well

A boss that knows when to laugh or crack a joke in the office takes the edge off a sterile work environment. There’s something about a boss that remembers everyone is human and life is unpredictable. Workers say they feel valued when bosses can sympathize on a sick day or personal day, as well as a medical appointment or child’s school play. When supervisors respect the human element of their team, they ultimately create a bond of collaboration and help. It underscores the idea of “today I have your back, and tomorrow you have mine” and that delicate balance encourages loyalty and commitment to the company.

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Written by Christian Portilla

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