We regret to inform you that iTN permanently closed on April 28, 2023.
Our customers remain our top priority, for air freight requirements please contact,
Amerijet International Airlines (www.amerijet.com)
We have enjoyed working with you, and thank you for being an iTN customer.
(You will be directed to amerijet.com automatically in 20 seconds.)

Get to know us

ITN Worldwide is an international freight forwarder and logistics service provider whose culture centers on what matters most: people. Rather than viewing ourselves as a traditional B2B or B2C, we consciously integrate an H2H (Human-to-Human) element. Cooperation and collaboration are at our core, both internally and externally with other businesses. We have fun in our daily interactions while we serve our clients’ needs. Having a workplace filled with happy, smiling faces enables us to create a human connection that contributes to your logistical successes. As colleagues, we encourage our professional growth and ideas, and when one of us is recognized for their accomplishments, all of us share in the joy.

That philosophy also applies to our clients – we celebrate your victories as enthusiastically as we do our own. Our loyal team dedicates resources tailored to your specific needs, communicating dependably through each step of the supply chain process. Though we are large enough to get you there, we are devoted enough to effectively manage every last detail. From the smallest of shipments to the most massive cargo, your projects are all treated with equal care and consideration. Our mission is to foster long-term strategic partnerships all over the world.