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Why You Should Consider A Career in Logistics

Why You Should Consider A Career in Logistics


The logistics sector is an $82 billion industry in the United States. However, the road into the industry seems obscure to most. Tales of accidental careers are familiar, and freight forwarding isn’t a flashy career graduates are lining up for.

However, there are plenty of reasons why most people who enter logistics stay, creating life-long careers. Here are some of the top reasons our iTN Worldwide team says they love our industry.

Job Security
Just like the medical field and aviation, logistics is an industry that will always be in demand. People all over the globe require services that allow them to send and receive goods, and with a shift in the market moving online, e-Commerce is another area of the market that is booming. Despite technology advancing the exports sector, people will always be in need making this field more permanent than other business models.

Work-life balance
Many of the industry professionals boast about having weekends off. Traditionally most freight forwarders work weekdays and standard office hours nationally and internationally. Although carriers and airlines are in constant operation, employees benefit from the flexibility of having multiple shifts and working hours to choose from.

Think of the commerce world as a giant forest. Each tree and plant make up the foliage, but all are different in their role. Like logistics, each piece is essential for the cargo industry puzzle. From the trucks and forklift drivers to the operations team printing documentation and following compliance. Every touch point of logistics allows for learning and development. With such a vast working class and demand globally there is the opportunity for advancement in all sectors of logistics with specialization in areas like hazardous goods, pharma, and compliance.

The foundation of this market is the movement of goods. Many professionals have to visit their customers to ensure the processes are followed and to establish a relationship with partners abroad. Traveling is a component of the industry depending on the job, although not required for all companies, many positions that are at the executive level need their employees to move around.


No two days are alike. The excitement in export is that it offers many areas to learn from. Different branches of logistics require experts in all areas. Some people work in air export, others in ocean or imports, but whatever the lane it may be it always involves knowledge and export traffic agents who can get the job done.

Multicultural atmosphere
Logistics is a global movement with people in the labor force all over the world. Another motivating factor is that you’ll always speak to people from different backgrounds and ethnicities allowing your curiosity and perspective to widen. Along with these worldly cultures comes the understanding of different languages, time zones, and work customs. Logistics can give a worldwide view on how people live and labor from all walks of life.

If you’re thinking about getting into the logistics field start by checking job listing sites or your local carriers first. Even if you don’t have experience export companies are often willing to train individuals and hire them based on skills required for this fast, stressful but exciting career.

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Written by: Christian Portilla

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