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Business Archives

Ocean Team Warehouse


You can begin routing your cargo to our new address 8005 nw 80 street, Unit 1, Miami, Fl 33166 effective... more

#TeamTuesdays: Meet Our Wine & Spirits Expert Magalie Robine


Our company has distinguished itself among the competition for our Wine & Spirits services, but we owe a lot of our growth to our special logistics team and our W&S product manager Magalie... more

If you had to transport your pets would you know where to start?


Travel and logistics make the world go around, but people aren't the only ones making long-distance journeys. Pets and livestock are boarding planes now more than ever, but terror doesn't have to come with... more

Is your cargo adequately packaged for export?


If you've ever purchased cargo from a supplier, you may have noticed not all companies send goods from the manufacturer ready for export. Often these challenges cause shipment delays at the warehouse and cargo can even be rejected by... more

iTN Worldwide can ship your pharma


At iTN Worldwide we are always at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the logistics industry. Among many of our services is our cold chain capabilities allowing you to ship your temperature regulated material globally without the... more

ITN Worldwide Launches Brand New Website


We at iTN Worldwide are proud to present the launch of our brand new website. The completely redesigned site features a clean design, compelling content and a user-friendly experience for our business partners and valued customers. The new... more

The Benefits of Shipping with Flexitanks


In the shipping business, most people focus on what’s inside the container or vessel. But what about the actual vessel containing the... more

The Joy of Service – His House Children’s Home Cottage Makeover


At iTN Worldwide, we prioritize utilizing teamwork to achieve a common goal, along with giving back to the community. Last year, more than 100 of our employees turned out to serve His House Children’s Home, making over two cottages, a... more

U.S. GDP Growth Slows, but Exports of Goods and Service Increase Grow


As reported by the Online and print publication American Shipper, the first-quarter GDP figures for the U.S. aren’t very encouraging. Is this a worrying trend or simply a seasonal adjustment... more

Speaking the Language of International Shipping with Incoterms


Successfully navigating the global logistics field demands a deep knowledge of best practices, laws and global rules. International shipping can be quite complex, with a wide variety of factors like price, quantity and kind of goods... more

Flying Horses Are Real!


At iTN, we handle logistics for just about any kind of cargo you can think of – including... more

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