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#TeamTuesdays: Meet Our Wine & Spirits Expert Magalie Robine

Magalie Robine iTN Worldwide's Wine&Spirits product manager.


At iTN Worldwide we pride ourselves on our culture, but our chemistry would be impossible without a pool of talented and dedicated professionals.

Our company has distinguished itself among the competition for our Wine & Spirits services, but we owe a lot of our growth to our special logistics team and our W&S product manager Magalie Robine.

Robine began her career in the wine and spirits sector over a decade ago but came to iTN Worldwide for a more hands-on experience in the logistics and transport side of wine.

“I have been in the wine industry ever since I moved to New York from Paris where I was born and raised. First, I worked for a large importer in New York, Monsieur Touton Selections and after few years decided to switch to the logistics side of the business,” Robine said. “I always had interest in W&S but was more interested in the international side of it, and wine freight forwarding was the perfect transition. It’s been about 11 years that I started to work for freight forwarders related to W&S.”

Robine studied business and marketing at EMLV Business School in Paris and lived in London for three years before transplanting to New York where’s she been living since 2003. She said the cities diversity is what attracted her.

“What I love about New York is the energy and the culture and being among so many people from different countries. I like to travel, spending time with my friends and drinking wine. I also have a son, Luca who is nine and I’m a runner and participate in races, so I keep busy.”

Robine says joining the iTN Worldwide family has been a unique experience and has given her a chance to grow in her career as iTN‘s wine and spirits manager. In her role, she focuses on all aspects of iTN Worldwide’s division development offering the best service possible to our customers – what it means is building the right agent networks to provide service worldwide and grow the iTN team with professionals that are knowledgeable and can support a range of customers.

For this year Robine plans to increase the customer base and bring on board more wine accounts from other countries in order to improve the diversity of logistics movements iTN is known for. She’s already preparing for a trip next month to different wine countries abroad.

In May Robine will be traveling to Argentina and Chile, one of iTN’s most active and established lanes, with relationships spanning back a decade. Then she will be going to what she calls one of her “favorite places” in the U.S. to visit customers in Napa, California.

“I love this industry and the freedom I have at iTN. My job covers many layers, and I love that each day is different. Traveling is also an essential part of my job that I truly enjoy. What I am most proud is that before I came on board iTN was not a specialized freight forwarder for W&S. It was a challenge at the beginning to build our network, to develop our services, to select the right vendors and gain customers trust. I’m so glad that now five years later we have built a growing division with great team members.”

To stay in touch with Magalie, you can email her at mrobine@itnworldwide.com or find out more about our Wine & Spirit services email us at itnpricing@itnworldwide.com.

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Written by: Christian Portilla

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