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April 2018

Project Cargo? We Got Your Back


Recently, we were tasked with shipping eight loaded container handlers from the Midwest to Guatemala. From domestic trucking with special equipment to international air and ocean charter service, our expertise in project cargo logistics... more

iTN Worldwide, in the business of getting it done


Recently we received a request to move four vehicle transporters purchased for a factory Saint- Lin France that needed to be transported to Miami. Our import team quickly jumped on the opportunity, and with the help of our pricing team,... more

The iTN Leader, Who We Are


There are two parts that make up a leader at iTN Worldwide.... more

iTN Worldwide becomes the first US forwarder in the Europe Asia Alliance, EAA


"As the name tells, EAA used to be limited to Europe and Asia. We are filling in the missing chairs this year in these continents. At the same time we decided to grow the network into a global group," Kuijper said. "This project is called... more

Import Coordinators, Why Do We Need Them?


iTN Worldwide is currently looking to expand the imports department with a qualified individual that can make a great addition to the team. We care about the skills, but also about the person and how they would fit into our... more

#TeamTuesdays Meet Our Trinidad Team Sales Lead Samantha Sumesar-Rai


Team Sales Lead Samantha Sumesar-Rai is a professional sales expert with many years in the logistics business staring her career when she was in her late teens at a food service company that mainly imported gourmet food items and... more

iTN Worldwide Has Moved To a New Facility at Miami International Airport


The all-new iTN Miami hub is located right on the Miami International Airport tarmac allowing us to decrease our transit times and giving us visibility among the many players of the cargo and airline industry. With our new location, our... more

#TeamTuesdays Meet Our West Coast Regional Manager Firoz Mohammed


Firoz Mohammed is our iTN Worldwide regional manager on the West Coast and tasked with developing our operations and team. Based out of California, one of the most critical industries Mohammed oversees is our robust Wine & Spirits... more

Ocean Team Warehouse


You can begin routing your cargo to our new address 8005 nw 80 street, Unit 1, Miami, Fl 33166 effective... more

#TeamTuesdays: Meet our ocean export supervisor Maribel Hernandez


Hernandez says she's grateful for her colleagues at iTN but remembers that her perspective of the company elevated when iTN supported her while her son battled Lymphoma cancer. "I was working from the hospital and the house for four... more

How To Tell if You’re a Top Notch Logistics Manager


Great bosses are always looking for creative ways of getting the job done. Whether it's exploring a new lane or testing out a new technology, top logistics supervisors are always exploring the... more

#TeamTuesdays: Meet our business development executive Cynthia Espinal


With the help of iTN's overseas network and her colleagues' collaboration, iTN was able to provide a door to door solution for the customer, all while providing exceptional service and a reduction in costs versus the previous... more

7 Tips for A Successful Sales Meeting


The internet is full of research and articles about the sales industry to increase client trust and company value, but there's nothing like the experience of the people on the... more

Five Tips for Profit in Ocean Logistics


Oftentimes, competition drives companies to choose the lowest steamship line rates.  However, when selecting a carrier it's also important to consider their service since interruptions and errors also have an impact on your companies’... more

#TeamTuesdays: Meet Our Manager of Finances Charlotte Romero


There are many important aspects of a company that often stay behind the scenes, one of those is the iTN Worldwide finance department. iTN has specialists dedicated to keeping each department on track for growth and success, but this... more

Inner Views vs. Interviews: How To Recruit Talent For Culture


We're all about our company culture and hiring people that add to the soup. Different ingredients, flavors, spices but all in a harmonious blend combined for a delicious... more

#TeamTuesdays: Meet Our Trinidad Operation’s Executive Angelique Sitahal


iTN Worldwide is an international global exporter at its core. We have partners from all parts of the world, but did you know we also have an office in Trinidad? Our Port of Spain team leads our Caribbean export efforts for all of the... more

Why You Should Consider A Career in Logistics


The logistics sector is an $82 billion industry in the United States. However, the road into the industry seems obscure to most. Tales of accidental careers are familiar, and freight forwarding isn't a flashy careers graduates are lining... more

#TeamTuesdays: Meet Our Ocean Export Manager Hilda Negron


Our ocean logistics department manager Hilda Negron is a native of Puerto Rico, and in 2017 when hurricane Maria made landfall, we knew it was time to step up for one of our own and the many customers and partners we service through our... more

Get To Know Our Trinidad Team


We have a team of dedicated experts to handle all of your exports to the Caribbean. From our sales team to our operators our iTN Trinidad family is committed to processing your logistics... more

#TeamTuesdays: Meet Adriana Rego Our iTN Worldwide Sales Manager


Adriana Rego is our sales manager at iTN Worldwide. The Queens native of Colombian descent manages the entire sales team and builds the company portfolio. Most recently she added two new sales executives and brought on a couple of... more

#TeamTuesdays: Meet Our Wine & Spirits Expert Magalie Robine


Our company has distinguished itself among the competition for our Wine & Spirits services, but we owe a lot of our growth to our special logistics team and our W&S product manager Magalie... more

If you had to transport your pets would you know where to start?


Travel and logistics make the world go around, but people aren't the only ones making long-distance journeys. Pets and livestock are boarding planes now more than ever, but terror doesn't have to come with... more

Is your cargo adequately packaged for export?


If you've ever purchased cargo from a supplier, you may have noticed not all companies send goods from the manufacturer ready for export. Often these challenges cause shipment delays at the warehouse and cargo can even be rejected by... more

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